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We just bought our first home and used Steve Morton as our Real Estate Agent and Chris Spence as our lender with IServe.

As first time home buyers and a young, married couple, we didn’t know much of anything when it came to buying a home. We have a large support group of family and friends who of course stood by us every step of the way and we’re there to help us with any questions or doubts we might have had but we rarely needed their help. Steve made our experience very easy and smooth. Not once did we feel pressured into any specific home or like we didn’t know what we were doing! He was so patient and kind with all of our questions, whether it was at 6:30am or 10pm. He never ignored us, made us feel like a burden and definitely didn’t make us feel like we had no idea what we were doing. Steve not only gave us great advice every step of the way but educated us during every process as well. We looked at everything we could from buying land to build or put a manufactured home on it, to already existing homes old and newer. We looked everywhere within an hour radius of where we were living. We looked at homes we found and that he found. Sometimes we scheduled homes the day of or in advance and I’m telling you not once did Steve make us feel like we were too much. He even helped us deliver certain paperwork for our lender. Specifically coming out to my job and running across town to help us out, which was incredible! Most importantly of all, Steve and his wife are amazing Christians. Steve prayed with us at homes and made us pray and seek guidance before every decision knowing how important that is to us. A real genuine, kind and compassionate impression was made by Steve Morton and now we gained a new life long friend! Chris Spence as lender was also fantastic. He explained everything in terms that we could understand clearly. A lot of paperwork is done and he worked well with us of making sure we understood every piece that we were signing. He was patient and kind during the whole process as well and worked with Steve easily as well. My husband and I really appreciated the team we had during this whole new and exciting journey we were on. United Real Estate as a keeper for sure!

Rebecca Conrey

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